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Happy PAWlidays all you fur-babes … here is our favorite items to give or to get this festive season!

City Dog Magazine – A year worth of giving!


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A PetCo Gift Card, very practical and fun!

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A PETSMART Gift Card for food, necessities, fun things and more!

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Bark Box (subscription can vary) This is a surprise each box, so much fun when it arrives on the doorstep!


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For the Sophisticated buyer GW LITTLE Gift Card can get anything from a designer outfit, novelty toys, gourmet treats or bejeweled collars.

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For the reader who loves a good book try Socialization!


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Dog Photography

Dog Photography

Neat Dog Photographer 



A to Z With Boo! 

Clifford The Big Red Dog

Clifford The Big Red Dog

Fun dog related kid book. ūüôā

Also 8″ Plush Clifford! http://www.amazon.com/Clifford-8-Standing-Plush-Doll/dp/B007I6TJLU/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1393281649&sr=8-5&keywords=clifford+the+big+red+dog


Sleeping in the dog house …



Nestled quietly in a town called Cottonwood, Idaho there stands a larger than life, cabin sized Beagle. Yes, a Beagle and not just any beagle, but one that represents the owners love for carved statues. First, there is Toby; the 12 foot beagle statue carved by owners and artists Dennis Sullivan and Frances Conklin. Then there is Sweet Willy; the actual sleeping/cabin structure. 

Sullivan and Conklin have been carving dog themed statues for years, but it wasn’t until 1995 when their products became widely known and thus the Dog Bark Park Inn became a reality. You can purchase their beloved carvings in their gift shop. They have Doxies to Dalmatians. Specifically for us, little dog lovers, there are poodles, pugs, Papillion’s, Yorkie’s and more. Small sized seem to run around $49.00. 

How much does it cost to stay in a novelty B&B? Only $96 per night, which includes breakfast. Beyond the bed, they boast a delightful breakfast sure to make any pup drool. Including delights like home-baked pastries, fruit, cheeses, yogurts, bagels and more. 

So can you and your furry friend stay together at the Dog Bark Park Inn? Absolutely, for an additional $10, responsible pups and their parents are welcome to enjoy the amenities and novelty together. 

Happy vacation planning! 

Woof, Woof, 

(C) SI, Inc. Researched & Written by: S.R.

Wet Nose Nuptials



With three little fur-babies on the social scene as well as owning a little pup business and coordinating a meetup group for little fur-babies;  I’ve attended a variety of fancy dog events. This one, however, was both unique and so much fun! The wedding of all weddings for two super cute tiny yorkie’s. Coordinated by City Dog Magazines and located at Seattle’s W Hotel; this ceremonial occasion was kicked off with puppetizers and social time while the bride, Peanut & groom, Moe prepared their personalized nuptials. 


Dogs getting married is not really new, but it is different. The California scene has had a few years on us, but what we lack in numbers we make up for in style. 


Dog weddings have been on the rise since 2006, when doggie fashion boutiques started to stake their claim into daily fashion and brick-and-mortar locations showed up in Kirkland, Bellevue and Seattle. 


If your little fur-baby falls in love this Valenpaw’s Day then you have a lot of options available to prepare and present a fabulous soiree.


Planning Pup Nuptials are similar to that of a human wedding. You’ll need all the basics plus a few treats to keep everyone festive. The following sorted out to ensure comfort and fun for the big day.


To Do Before the I DO …¬†



    W Hotel www.starwoodhotels.com 

    Hotel Monaco www.monaco-seattle.com 



    Bark Talk www.barktalk.com/dogweddinginvitations.html 


Tux | Wedding Gown

    Doggie Clothes www.doggieclothesline.com/wedding 



    The Dining Dog Cafe & Bakery www.diningdog.com 



    Posh Pet http://www.poshpetglamourboutique.com/index.cfm/fa/categories.main/parentcat/22207 


Champaign Toast

    K9Water Co.  www.k9waterco.com 



    Dane-Dane Pet Photography  http://www.dane-dane.com



   Haute Diggity Dog www.hautediggitydog.com 


Thank You Cards

     Zazzle  http://www.zazzle.com/dog+thank+you+cards 





























  1. SI, Inc. Researched & Written by: S.R.
  2. Photographs by: S.Reinke 

Give the Gift of Love ~ Dog MOM & Dog DAD Mugs!

If you love your pup like a child, then you are a DOG MOM! Go ahead, embrace it! 

Our favorite Dog MOM Mugs for this holiday season …¬†


For the DOG MOM’s …¬†


Latte Mug $9.95 

Available at https://theanimalrescuesite.greatergood.com/store/ars/item/52272/Dog-Mom-Latte-Mug?origin=ARS_GPLA_81095&gclid=CJ3ehv75j7sCFQ3hQgodm0kAyQ



Mug $14.95 

Available at https://theanimalrescuesite.greatergood.com/store/ars/item/48338/dog-mom-mug?source=12-52272-1




Mug $14.95 

Available at http://www.isabellacatalog.com/p/Dog-Mom-Mug.cfm?tid=618020502&zmam=7946946&zmas=3&zmac=253&zmap=33084&zmam=7946946&zmas=3&zmac=2&zmap=33084






For the DOG DAD’s …¬†


Mug $14.99 

Available at http://www.cafepress.com/mf/12699019/best-dog-dad_mugs





Mug $14.95 

Available at http://www.cafepress.com/mf/12450536/dog-dad_mugs?utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=57180431&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=sem-cpc-product-ads&utm_content=search-pla&productId=57180431





Happy Giving from the Girls at the LITTLE DOG RETREAT TM