Favorite Dog Book Gifts

We’ve read a lot of books regarding what to do and how to do it when it comes to your pup. Here are our favorite reads!  If you need an extra stocking stuffer, buying for a birthday or just care about your dog here are some great reads. … 

The Latchkey Dog

by: Jodi Anderson

All about how to leave the house and make sure your pup not only feels secure and safe, but happy and cared for when you are away. This is a great book for dog owners of any size. It helps you understand the psychology of a dogs brain when you leave, come back and leave again day after day.











How to raise a puppy you can live with 3rd ED.

by: Clarice Rutherford & David H. Neil

Great tips and trick to raising a healthy mental mindset for your pup because they are only puppies for so long and then they become adult dogs with adult opinions and personalities.












101 Essential Tips: Training Your Dog

by: Dr. Bruce fogle, dvm

Great simple tips to teaching basic commands and helping you learn how to convey those commands effectively. This book is good for the seasoned dog owner who needs some refreshing on basic commands or the brand new pup owner who doesn’t have a clue. Either way, the 101 Training is an amazing tool.













Larry Gets Lost in Seattle

Written by: John Skewes and Robert Schwartz

Illustrated by: John Skewes

$12 on Amazon

I’ve met the illistrator/co-author for this book and he is super cool. The book is a great story for children with a little history and learning thrown in. If you live in Seattle, have a child or enjoy novelty books this is great!



















The High Maintenance Bitch

by: Lori & Ryan Pacchiano

$3.00 on Ebay / $3.89 Amazon

I happen to know the brother/sister duo who created the HMB label; they are so creative and fun-loving. This book is a great novelty buy. It’s cute, quirky and super stylish; makes a great stocking stuffer, as adornment to a girly girls gift basket or any sassy, pup owners bookshelf.


We hope you enjoy these as much as we do!

Sasha & The Girls


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