Canine Safety 101



To be a fur-baby parent when your pup is happy and healthy is a great joy, however it can be a stressful endeavor when your little one displays signs of distress and they simply can not tell you what is wrong. That is why as a pup-arent it is your responsibility to be both informed and prepared. Here are some tips to assist your in your efforts.


Being all alone, can cause unwanted behavior in your otherwise perfect pup. Try these stimulation toys and tricks to reduce separation anxiety, excessive chewing and destructive nerves.




One of my favorite toy companies is Canine Genius. They are fairly new to the dog industry, but their toys are quickly becoming the bark-about-town. Each season they come up with new ways to entertain your pup. Their toys offer removable parts, neat sounds and places to hide treats. You can find them at most speciality shops for a reasonable price of $6 – $20 dollars.


Try them out next time your at work or the gym.


Another great toy that really aids in puppy boardom is the the Hide-a-treat Giggler Ball. It stores small morsels in an interior puzzle and each time your pup moves the ball he/she is unlocking the puzzle and a treat comes out. Fill it up before work and your pup will have hours of play time. It runs about $17 dollars at most pet stores.





I’ve heard the oddest stories on ways people get their pups to stop howling or barking during the day, but I have a few favorites that may save you and your neighbors from doorway awkwardness.


1) Bubble Machines: Fill it up in the morning and it will run for several hours to entertain your pup. $55.00


2) Laughing Dog Music: The latest in canine research indicates that dogs have a laugh that sounds similar to a cough. No joke. When researchers put recordings of test dogs ‘laughing’ into kennels the pups actually quieted down. $19.95


Know your puppy stat’s 


Age / Birthday

Breed / Markings

Location of Home 

Microchip Number 


Intact / Fixed Information 


be prepared 

Veterinary Information 

Closest 24 Hr. Care Clinic 

K-9 First Aid Kit 

Pet Ear Swabs

Saline Solution or Gentile Pet Eye Fluid

Pet Sunscreen SPF 15 +

Nail Glue + Gauze


about town  

Know the dogs in the Neighborhood 

Always have your pup’s favorite treats. 

Always bring a bottle of water. 

Have a blanket ready for unexpected weather.


First Aid Kit Essentials   

3” x 3” Gauze pads 

trauma pads 

stretch gauze 

cohesive flexible bandage 

latex gloves or hypoallergenic gloves 

metal scissors 

plastic forceps 

iodine wipes or rubbing alcohol 

eye-skin wash 

insect wipes 

hydrocortisone cream 

antibiotic cream 

cotton swabs

antiseptic wipes

powdered styptic 

super glue

content/data card about your pup

2” x 5” yards Roll Adhesive Tape 

8” x 10” Re-sealable Bag

plastic syringe


Emergency Phone Numbers

Animal Poison Control Center 1.888.426.4435

VCA Vet Specialty Center  425.697.6106


Puppy Preparation

  1. Call your vet to set up a Puppy Physical
  2. First Aid Kit Basics: (see Canine Safety 101 Blog)
  3. Puppy food
  4. Toys
  5. Pee Pads
  6. Safe Bed/Crate/Den for when you are out.
  7. Meaty Chews (avoid rawhide for first 6 months)
  8. Food and water bowl
  9. Nail clippers/scissors and nail file
  10. Ear swabs


Thanks for reading!

Woof, Woof,


(C) SI, Inc. Researched & Written by: S.R.


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