Puppy Love: Ideas for Valenpaw’s Day!


According to Wikipedia, “Puppy love is an informal term for feelings of love, particularly between young people during adolescence, so-called for its resemblance to the adoring, worshipful affection that may be felt by a puppy.” (wikipedia.org)

Typically synonymous with a child-like reference the term holds a more meaningful and perhaps idealistic symbolism for those who get to enjoy this kind of love.

Puppy love, is of course, for those of us who know it well, live with it daily, and view it in practice; the most absolute form of unrestricted, uninhibited, unyielding love. This is the kind that we all dream of finding in a mate, or perhaps wish we could hold onto in times of distress. Not many can argue that once you look into the deep caring eyes of your pup all else seems to calm down.

So, this year instead of buying yet another toy or bone for your pampered pooch, try doing something a little more special. Here are a few suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.

This Valentine’s Day give your dog what he/she really wants the most …

A massage by YOU, not a stranger.

A long walk – literally anywhere.

Play ball for a whole hour.

Read to your pup – anything will do.

Look into their eyes and really look AT them.

Here are a few simple ‘to do’s’ that will help make your dog happier all year round.

Invest in a doggie daycare – even once each week makes a world of


Update their diet with more holistic foods.

Start brushing their teeth on a weekly or monthly basis.

Purchase a K-9 first aid kit (just in case).

Buy a dog seat-belt! This not only can save their life, but ensure your safety

as well.

Visit these websites for some fun email ideas!  www.sloppykissescards.com and http://www.inckypaw.com

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Woof, Woof,


(C) SI, Inc. Researched & Written by: S.R.


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