Going Green for St. Patricks Day! (those lucky Irish have been Green for years)

March is a month filled with leprechauns and rainbows that lead to a heaping pot of gold surrounded by 4-leaf clovers … right? So what happens if you’re not into green beer or corned beef? What does the upcoming holiday leave you with? We asked ourselves that very question and realized that March, with all of it’s green-ness was the perfect time to transition ourselves and our business into being environmentally green. What better way to get into the festive spirit than to literally Go Green! 

Here is the culmination of a few simple green alternatives to the day-to-day usage of non-environmentally friendly habits. Have a safe and tail-wagging St. Pup’s Day!

Biodegradable Poo Bags 

PoopBags.com offers 100 poop bags for $19.99 with free shipping in the U.S, or 200 bags for $29.99. They also have an annual supply deal that gives you 600 poop bags for $67.99 (also available in black). 



Flush Puppies 

Also available are toilet safe flush-able poop bags.Flush Puppies make a flushable bag made from polyvinyl alcohol that disolve in water. So when placed in a toilet, the bag disappears and leaves you with only poo to discard.   They will cost you $16.99 for a 3-pack or $28.99 for a 6-pack. Each packages contains 15 poop bags. 


If you purchased a Bon Ton or Bags on Board holder (cute tube or bone shaped poo containers that hold the rolled bags) never fear; BioBag has rolled bag options. Also flush-able, BioBag is made from GMO-Free Corn and does not contain polyethylene. 

They come in sets of 4 for $18.99, 16 for $59.99 or 24 for $82.99. Sets do not include dispenser.



Washable Pee Mat/Pad 


For those of you still tossing out a piddle pad daily, try a new, cleaner solution. These environmentally friendly and reusable pee pads are safe to wash in your washing machine and lower your cost on clean-up. I use them for my girls and not only am I now helping the environment, I’ve saved a ton on my pee pads costs. EcoHound has re-useable pee pads in a variety of fun colors and patterns. They come in two sizes: small 17×20” and large 24×20” all available for only $12.95 each.



Dog.com offers a wasable PoochPad available in 5 options with single or double sets. They will cost anywhere from $22.99 – $44.99 depending upon your selection. 

 Whatever your Going Green needs are these fun products are sure to save your budget and save a little of the planet at the same time. Here are the LITTLE DOG RETREAT we use washable pee pads instead of disposable. We also use biodegradable poop bags so that what we put into the earth is as natural as possible. We hope this information helps and finds you well. Have a safe and yappy St. Patricks Day! From The Girls at www.thelittledogretreat.com 

(C) SI, Inc. Researched & Written by: S.R.


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