Made With Love Doggy Easter Basket!

Hi fur~babies!

Here are our easy tips for making a fun, yummy and doggy~happy Easter Basket!

Our Girls’ Yummy Easter Basket


-A bag of Organic Baby Carrots $3 at your local grocery store. The organic bag is sweeter and healthier for your pup.

-Hard Boiled Eggs: Remove the shell and don’t add coloring; these are super healthy and yummy for your fur-babe.

-Pegetables $5.97 bag at PetGuys – Love these chew treats shaped like carrots, corn and celery!


-Booda Carrot Toy $6.99 for 1 at Amazon

-Multipet Loofa Bunny 12” $3.99 at JBPEt,9832.html?utm_medium=cse&utm_source=googlebase&utm_campaign=googlebase&ns_md=cse&ns_sc=googlebase&gdftrk=gdfv23078_a_7c894_a_7c3052_a_7c522_d_0325_d_1

Have a wonderful Easter!

Love, The Girls

Sasha, Mercedes, Haley & Bridget


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