Do It Yourself Doggy Easter Bone Hunt!

Attention fur~baby Parents! 

Make this year extra special with a little homemade Easter Bone Hunt for you and your furry friend.  The Girls and I want to share our homemade recipe for success for a Doggy Easter Bone Hunt that will have your friends howling with excitement! Our events usually go about 3 hours; it is enough time to have fun and the activities don’t feel rushed. You’ll want to have food and refreshments for both your human and canine guests, plus towels, potty bags and mats around for accidents. Most of all, have fun! 

the little dog retreat owners

1) Invite your furry pals over for a fun afternoon of romping around the garden while discovering hidden treats! You can make homemade bone shaped invitations, use VistaPrint or Evite, but remember to make them festive, fun and theme specific. 

2) Create a party atmosphere by cutting out giant colorful eggs with construction and decorating them with markers. Put them all around a deck, patio, living room, front door … etc. anywhere guests will be spending time. You can also decorate with balloons and use colorful sharpie pens to turn them into eggs.

3) Create the Treats! Buying food is always great, especially if you have a local doggy bakery, but I prefer to make something fun for the festivities.

4) Encourage guests (both human and canine) to come dressed in their favorite Easter Sunday attire. Give a gift to the Best Dressed at the party. 

5) Party favors really make the event special! I love to give away a tissue wrapped homemade cookie for all four-legged participates so they have something fun to go with.

6) Pictures!!!! Remember to take a lot of pictures during the entire event and share them with your friends afterwards! 

7) You can also set-up a photo booth area where you can have guests pose with their pup!

8) Keep necessities close: water, potty mats, potty pads, poo bags and towels.

9) Provide bags for guests to pick-up treats with.

10) Remember to have fun!

Homemade Easter Basket Treat Ideas

    -3-5 Hard-Boiled Eggs = Remove shell for hunt (do not add food coloring).   

    -5-10 Bag of Baby Organic Carrots = The Organic Baby Carrots are sweeter and healthier for your pup. 

    -3-5 Doggie Homemade Cookies = Available on our earlier blog post about Homemade Cookies! Here is our Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe

    -Boiled Chicken Cubes = Boil chicken legs in 3-5 cups of water for about 30 min. on medium, then pour water into ice cube tray or antique jello molds. Place in freezer until the Bone Hunt begins and watch as your furry friends devour this yummy frozen snacks. 

    -Oatmeal and Honey Balls = Use old fashioned oats lightly damped with water, use hands to mash into balls with 1 tsp. honey each and place in fridge to set. 

    -Frozen Vanilla Yogurt Cubes = Freeze all natural, suger-free vanilla yogurt in ice cube trays the night before your event. Remove just before hunt begins.  

Have a wonderful and playful Easter! 

The Girls: Sasha, Mercedes, Haley & Bridget! 


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