Greater NW Local Talent …

Hey furry-friends!

We LOVE us some dog designers, especially when they are home-bred. Here is a list of local talent compliments of the Great NW!

Alpacks Dog Sweaters ~

Originated in Seattle, WA & Lima, Peru

Super soft and ah so warm local dog sweater maker creates unique and original dog-wares from Alpaca fur from Peru.

Designer Duds for Dogs ~

Originated in Seattle, WA

Neat neckties, bow-ties, collars and bandanas for holidays, formals and just for fun!

Fido Gear ~

Originated in McKenna, WA Home-bred creative and useful outdoor dog supplies for the active pup.

High Maintenance Bitch ~

Originated in Seattle, WA

Creative, fun and flirty accessories for your fancy furry friend.

Idawg Clothing ~

Originated in Seattle, WA

Urban Chic meets Classic Comfort with this local designer/creator for medium to large pup clothing.

Primp Doggy ~

The Posh pet jacket and coat creator. For boys, girls, big and small these are fun styles and wearable shapes.

A Few Fun Shops …

We love these privately owned dog boutiques …

Mes Amis ~

Healthy dog and cat food, toys and accessories.

Petapoluza ~

Urban dog delights, food, treats and Pacific NW necessities.

Zak & Zoe ~

Neat shop filled with fun stuff for your pup.


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