A Comprehensive Social List for the Well Connected Pup


Hey Pup-arents,
Here is a comprehensive list of great doggie sites that will keep your pup’s social calender filled all year!



dogster  dogster.com 

Pet friendly community page.


PetSugar www.petsugar.com

A fun and posh way to read about the newest pet trends and products.



This super fun  offers a newsletter about the newest, latest and greatest in the canine world. www.woofreport.com

WAGN  http://www.wagn4u.com/

This super fun website offers pet owners a the necessary tools to keep your pets super safe. Including, pet CPR classes, safe driving techniques and classes, first aid kits, general knowledge and fire safety.

PetlifeRadio petliferadio.com

A radio station just for your pet! A podcast

experience for pet lovers everywhere.


The Weather Channel – Pets PetCast.com 

Going for a walk? Check out what you can do to keep them happy, healthy and safe during the seasons.


The Pet Lovers Companion www.petloverscompanion.com 

This site is a wealth of information to take care of any puppy parent’s questions, concerns or curiosities.


Free Pet Projects


This neat website has how-to projects, recipes, clothing designs and gift ideas for your furry friend; for free!


Your Pure-bred Puppy


This is a great location for details about your new little pup + great information about vaccinations and what is really needed.





Slightly opinionated, this website takes a good look at the myth and the truth about the raw-diet craze. To fully understand your can research wolves in nature. For instance, wolves eat an entire carcass (whole) and have several bowl movements to pass everything safely, which your pup is NOT designed to do. Read more before altering your little fur-baby’s diet.  Raw meat is great, but please, please, please leave out the bones!



Photographs of celebrities and their TINY Dogs!!!

So much fun!





A social network for people with similar interests. There are a ton of local dog meetup events that focus on breeds, sizes or by location.


Have fun!

Woof, Woof,




(C) SI, Inc. Researched & Written by: S.R.


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