Posh & Practical!

Some may say that with the economy down and retailers cutting back options that consumers are scared to buy, however that may be I’ve seen just as many consumers come through my doors and the difference I’ve noticed is not the fear of buying, instead the desire to buy both posh and practical. This quarter I’ve put together a list of fun, flirty and fashionable fur-baby amenities that not only won’t break the budget, but will also function for the practical savvy spender that you are  …. here comes the fun!


Enjoying a world that actively involves your fur-baby is a top priority for us at the LITTLE DOG RETREAT so why not be able to conformably work, play, run errands and have your hands free while toting your pup. Make way for a fast growing trend in totes, known as the Papooch. This handy carrier swings around your body like a satchel and leaves your hands free to talk on the phone, collect groceries and shop. Made from DuPont™ Hydrology® leather, they come in a variety of seasonal colors and will run you about $170; being both a fashion statement and a durable carrier for years to come. They are available at www.smashingdaring.com  and for the LITTLE DOG RETREAT buyers be sure to enter Coupon Code: “friend” and receive 10% on the on-line boutique!


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am a HUGE sucker for novelty, human-like fur-baby toys so when I saw the newest treats from Haute Diggity Dog, offered by Muttropolis I had to get them for my girls! These super cute, plush Ice Cream Cones are great as fur-day pawty favors, as gifts or as a reward for lets say, … the vet. There are flavors like; Pawpermint Pattie, Bow Wow Brownie, Tail Chasin’ Mint Swirl and more.  The price varies on size, available in small and large for $12 – $15.


Looking to treat your prince or princess, but on a tight budget? Try these super deals I’ve found that will make your fur-baby gaze at you with both love and amazement.


The practical side of us, says new collar tag; just in case, but the thrifty side of us says no, the current one that is almost unreadable will do. Well, the debate is over, I just ordered the cutest little tag for my Chihuahua Bridget and not only was it inexpensive, it was cute and super fast. Go Tags literally has every tag you’ll ever dream of getting for your pup for super cheap prices, and they are made out of real metal, not that flimsy aluminum stuff. You’ll find collar tags, collars, pretty and fun collar jewels and clip-on charms.


Do you spend time sewing old toys back together? Are you tired of buying the super fancy toys only to find bits of them lying about with no sign of the remaining toy. If so, then Big Lots is your answer.  I know; it is not my favorite place either, but if your pup is like my pomeranian, Haley who is super proud of herself for ripping into the stuffing of a cute toy or tears the squeakers out of toys and you’ve found yourself endlessly picking up the pieces then you should give it a try. I buy a few toys each quarter for only a few dollars that I let Haley systematically turn them into teeny bits of fabric; she’s super happy and I keep my expensive toys intact and available for play time, fetch or search-and-discover games.


This weekend, take a few moments to look at a fun site called, Free Pet Treats. Yes, they really send you free treats; isn’t that amazing!


If you are not in a position to make purchases at the moment, then treat your pup to some special time off with you and an activity. Check out our Events tab for our Little Dog Meetup Group, July 11th is Poochapalooza, July 25th is the Kirkland Canine Festival and August 9th is Woofstock. All of these events have free admission and are packed with vendors usually handing out treats, samples and sometimes extra goodies. You can also sign up for their free contests and win your pup something special.


Another fun and cost effective treat is to watch a pup-friendly movie. Blockbuster is now offering kids movies for only .99 cents! Many of the best fur-baby focused movies are in the kids isle; All Dogs Go To Heaven, Milo & Otis, Homeward Bound, Lady & The Tramp, 101 Dalmatians 1 and 2 and so many more. Plus, if you have not seen the newest woofrific flicks you should  splurge for the newest releases of  Pet Hotel, Marley & Me, and Beverly Hills Chihuahua.


Whatever you do this summer, do it with your pup where wags and licks are aplenty!


Happy Shopping!

Woof, Woof,


(C) SI, Inc. Researched & Written by: S.R.


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