Just in time for Howl-o-ween!

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Does the thought ever cross your mind, “what on earth are they going to think up next?” Well it is officially here, the latest and greatest, plus a variety you thought you would only find at Bloomingdales; hats. Not just any hat, but canine couture for the fur-baby head. These fashion-forward frills are not just for a bad hair day. … Instead, brick and mortar boutiques, on-line specialty shops and just about everyone are trying their hand at humanistic head-ware for your pup. They come in both large, and small and everything in between. Imagine, getting your pup all dolled up for a shopping day and putting atop their head a cute little London Bucket Cap with matching jacket. Or, if you thought that cute little fur-baby bikini was the so neat, try getting her a beach hat that matches; so the sun stays out of your little pups eyes. For prices, each shop is different, but you’ll probably spend at least $15 per hat.  


In addition to hats, wigs seem to be making an appearance in canine fashion shows across the globe. I am a sucker for novelties and had to buy one for Mercedes last Halloween, but each month I find more and more colors, designs and styles. The wigs will cost you a bit more than the hats, most locations or internet stores will charge you around $50, but I’ve seen them as low as $35 depending upon the style of wig.


It seems as though even when our world is having insurmountable odds packed against it; crashing economies, political uncertainty, the ever increasing national debt, the fashion industry just keeps getting more creative. I spoken with a number of little dog owners, the folks who get their pups dressed every day and are endlessly scouring shops for something fun for their fur-baby and I’ve heard two distinct opinions. First, if you are going to spend it, spend it on something that makes you happy, or the other ‘why not theory’ is, how on earth are we expected to cope if you we can’t enjoy ourselves. Even if you do not agree, they are both good points. I personally, the owner of now three tiny little fur-baby’s, two of which in my opinion need clothing; as well as being the owner of a little dog business where I see pups every week with their pup-arents realize the importance of the whimsy and relief that we encounter when buying something truly special for our fur-babies. 


As a participant in the purchasing power of little dog attire, I encourage you to do a little splurging for not only your pup, but for yourself.  I have collected a variety of photographs of the newest trend setting hats for your pups, and while your at it, see if you can get one that matches for you. Click onto the photograph collection in the yellow box (above) and view for yourself the super fun things you can buy as a compliment to your pups wardrobe.  I personally, have worn large dog collars, neck ties and hair clips and no one ever realizes it! 


So, the question we are faced with by our natural little dog foe who think dressing your pups is silly is: are fur-baby hats frivolous for fabulous? Does it really matter? If you love it, do it. If your pup will walk around and keep a hat on their cute little head, go for it. You can justify it for a costume party or holiday, but just remember, they’ll love the attention they get from adoring strangers and it makes you happy.


Have fun!

Woof, Woof, 


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  1. SI, Inc. Researched & Written by: S.R.

Photographs taken from Google 



Known as the Girls: Our philosophy is that your cherished pup is one special little fur-baby and will be cared for in an environment that embraces their uniquely little needs. This is why all of our pup participants are exclusively under 15 pounds. We are licensed and insured. Available weekdays, weekends and holiday; reservation required. Give us a call for your complimentary consultation: 425.750.4196 Sasha: Executive Director / C.O.O. Mercedes: V.P. / C.F.O. Haley: V.P. / Marketing Director Bridget: V.P. / Director of Canine Relations

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