In the height of the pet fashion world is Pet Fashion Week, a phenomenon that showcases the latest and greatest fur-baby fashion. This semi-annual production has occurred in the Spring and the Fall since their inaugural creation in 2006. The financial willpower behind this worldwide of fur has been steady until the Spring show of 2009, which was cancelled due to the economy. However, with dates booked and paw-ty’s planned 2010 shows seem to have be barked up new momentum.  

We’ve all heard about the celebrities who have pups. Owen Wilson has a big dog named Garcia then there is Brittany Spears with her three small dogs, Bit Bit, Lacy and Lucky; of course you’ve have to have been under a rock if you haven’t seen Paris Hilton and her village of Chihuahuas. Although celebrities are interesting in fashion, they don’t actually make fashion. Sure celebrities ware it, flaunt it, share it and promote it, some even design it, but they aren’t the driving force. So with eclectic, classic and creative designers driving our fashion world I wondered which, if any, of them actually had dogs.

With couture trends woofing up fashion for our fur-babies, just how many fashion designers actually have a fur-baby of their own?

First and foremost, newly retired fashion icon Valentino Garavani; known in the fashion world as Valentino has literally a half dozen pugs. Valentino has been designing women’s gowns since 1949 and apparently with a pug in tow. After researching articles about the designer, I discovered that ever since his early days he’s had a pug. He loves them so much that not only to they accompany him everywhere, but they’ve helped out with the fashion master in his studio. Lucky pugs!   

Another Italian fashion designer, Donatella Versace known for her colorful and exuberant fashion designs keeps has her little fur-baby in attendance too. Insiders believe her Jack Russell Terrier is named Audrey. Although, research indicated that little Audrey doesn’t get to make too many fashion decisions.  

Then there is Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana of Dolce & Gabbana, the luxurious and form fitting creations who have two great big pups. 

One of our homegrown fashion forward designers is Issac Mizrahi, a fun loving and quirky designer who became a more recognizable household name when he took his sweet and charming along with his creative and quirky lines to Target for a daily wearable line. His furry friend is Harry, who apparently helps out whenever he can. 


Spring Show: Sao Paolo, Brazil, April  

Fall Show: New York, August 

For more about the 2010 Pet Fashion Week Shows Visit: 



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(C) SI, Inc. Researched & Written by: S.R.


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