Gifts for the Fur-babe That Has Everything …

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Hey fur-babies!


This year why not give a useful gift to the furbabe that has everything! Get that end of list of new years resolutions done quickly with these handy paw tools!


Are you a real hard worker? If so,you’ll love these handy-paw tools. Our favorite was the soft, plush Canine Carpenter Toolbox with Tools Set from PetEdge, which comes with a hammer, drill and saw inside of a faux tool box. Each toy makes an authentic sound. An embedded sound-chip allows the hammer taps, the drill screws and the saw saws. Visit the PetEdge website for more information and a sound sample of each toy. Available as a set for $10.49 or individuals tools are $3.14.


For the serious handy-paw-pup, we found a the silver, Hyper Hardware Hound dog toys including wrench, file, scraper and hammer at Made of strong and durable, non-toxic vinyl they come separately for $6.29 each.


If your pup is more of an enthusiast than perhaps they would rather have a vibrant set of tools. Available through Amazon, these toys by from Ruff Tools offers a different take on the hammer and wrench look as well as featuring a paintbrush.  Made from tear-resistant, non-toxic rubber they are sold separately for $7.95 each.


Safety first, be careful of hamming those toes!

The Girls


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