The ever so preverbal ‘they’ say “if the shoe fits, wear it!”  Well here are some very wearable shoes. Canine shoes that is and these are definitely something to woof about.


I have scoured the stores both brick-and-morter as well as internet based and discovered shoes of all shapes and sizes from slippers to sandals and sneakers. 


First, the sneaker. … If your looking for a designer, there are plenty to select from. A few of the well known pup shoes makers are Little Lily, best known for their every day sneaker and their dress up ballet shoe. Then there is Monkey Daze, with their daily ware shoe as well as Poochy Shoos who make a famous Hollywood sneaker/tennis shoes. Then you have Zack & Zoey with their ever popular stepping out shoe as well as dress up party shoes. Take a peak at the photo albums on the side to view shoe styles. Sneakers will run you around $80-$100 depending upon the designer. 


For those stepping out onto a track or hiking a trail Ruff Ware hands down makes the best all-turain shoe. With druable, water resistant yet breathable surface and their gribing base this shoe will save your pups paw pads from sharp rocks or pokey plants. 


In the case of the beach bumming pup, PAWZ has created a soft and durable disposable shoe that is amazing for sandy/water play. Just slip these onto your pups paws and they can play all day. Then slip them off and toss them in the trash; they’ll keep your pups paws and vehicle clean! 


If your on a budget, but love affordable luxury you can check out a variety of shoes made by Casual Canine who boast everything from sneakers to Mary Janes. I found a variety of affordable dog shoes at Doggie Vogue. Here is there direct link


Next, we have the summer sandal. Let’s face it, even your pups don’t like the hot pavement, but their toes can get far warmer if slipped into a shoe. These open toed shoes helps keep your pups toes off the hot ground and the breathability will allow them to run, play and walk all day. The variety of styles are truly for the beach going pup. They too come in all shapes, sizes and designs. 


Are you one of those coordinating pup and people fashion folks? If so, you have some fun options to match your pooch. For the boys, you can pick-up a pair of Dogverse for their human counterpart Converse, which will run you about $59.99 for a set of four. For the matching girls, you can slip on a pair of Mary Janes in either black or pink, which will only run you approximately $30.00 for a set of four.   


Finally, after a long day at work your pup deserves a warm fuzzy slipper to walk about the house in. Starting with soft, plush pink bunnies, green turtles, cream lambs and yellow duckies. Plus, a variety of holiday slippers in red and white Santa, red and tan reindeer and green Elf shoes. Slippers range in size and price, but expect to pay at least $20 for a set of 4 (one for each paw).  I bought some from for our girls and they look so cute wandering around the house. Mercedes has pink bunnies, Haley has the ducks and Bridget has the little lambs. 


For a complete ensemble check out our earlier blog on Fur-baby Head-ware to get a matching hat or wig to complete your full fur-baby look.


Happy Shopping! 

Woof, Woof,

The Girls



  1. SI, Inc. Researched & Written by: S.R.

Photographs from Google. 



Known as the Girls: Our philosophy is that your cherished pup is one special little fur-baby and will be cared for in an environment that embraces their uniquely little needs. This is why all of our pup participants are exclusively under 15 pounds. We are licensed and insured. Available weekdays, weekends and holiday; reservation required. Give us a call for your complimentary consultation: 425.750.4196 Sasha: Executive Director / C.O.O. Mercedes: V.P. / C.F.O. Haley: V.P. / Marketing Director Bridget: V.P. / Director of Canine Relations

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