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Available at Haute Dog Boutique

The holidays are over, but now its time to get out and enjoy those new year sales! What better way to spend a rainy day, then inside a fun filled, warm shop. Take your pooch on a shopping spree and come back with their own credit card. Created by Haute Diggity Dog, these super cute plush toys have a internal squeaker for hours of play fun and will be the talk of your canine companions. They are approximately the size of a small wallet and all embellishments are beautifully embroidered. Since I have 3 girls, I felt that they should all be able to enjoy credit with their own; Mercedes has a Barkney’s, Haley has the Barkingdales and little Bridget received the Nordbarks. Also available Arfmerican Barkxpress, Muttsy’s Department Store and MuttsterCard. The Girls love them and I know your tiny fur-baby will too. I also love the the all black Express card; for those accustomed to posh extravagance.

Happy Shopping!

Woof, Woof,

The Girls

  1. SI, Inc. Researched & Written by: S.R.

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Known as the Girls: Our philosophy is that your cherished pup is one special little fur-baby and will be cared for in an environment that embraces their uniquely little needs. This is why all of our pup participants are exclusively under 15 pounds. We are licensed and insured. Available weekdays, weekends and holiday; reservation required. Give us a call for your complimentary consultation: 425.750.4196 Sasha: Executive Director / C.O.O. Mercedes: V.P. / C.F.O. Haley: V.P. / Marketing Director Bridget: V.P. / Director of Canine Relations

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