Well furry friends, the dog days of summer are nearly here and with all the warm weather we are sure to get thought we would help you plan a little 4-paw-friendly outing that you can share with your family. 


Let’s get started with a fun filled camping trip. Every good camper knows that bringing smart stuff along with you will make your experience more enjoyable. For us pups this can be a bewildering task. Luckily, we’ve located a few savvy back packs made just for us. First and foremost, when selecting a pack make sure it fits securing around your mid-section without rubbing, pulling or slipping off. You will also want to check for weight distribution. The pack should have equal space on either side of your tummy and your pup-parent should try to distribute items to make sure nether side is too heavy, this will prevent hip agitation during your walk or hike. Here are a few great place we found that offer back packs. 


REI – Adventure Dog Pack Medium $45 


Sports Authority – Ruff Ware Palisades Dog Pack $124.99


Altrec – Ruff Ware Approach Dog Pack 


Pet Edge – Guardian Gear $19.99



Next on your camping trip you will need to set up a tent and no tent is complete without your very own sleeping bag. While the at home snuggle sack is great, the wilderness can get fairly cold at night so we found that the Alpine Sleepers offered a better softness to cold-chill defusing features as well as being water-repellent. We found a fun boy blue or camo print at Alpha Dog Toys, www.alphadogtoys.com for $26.99 and they are available in size small to large. 


Unfortunately, in all our searching we could not find a fun, feminine sleeping bag. We did, however discover a fun alternative. For the girly pups you can check out Amazon www.amazon.com and look for doll sleeping bags. They may not be pup-specific, but they are cute, soft and so much neater. Let’s face it, when you are a 3 pound Chihuahua you can really fit into anything.  

Find more tents at: 

Instent Dog Haus www.campist.com  $70

T-Camp Dog Tent www.scot-petshop.com $40

Dog House Tent – Cherry Design www.nexusgadgets.com $25


While you are enjoying your outdoor adventure remember to keep plenty of fresh water readily available to prevent dehydration. Also, check out our If The Shoe Fits Blog for details about canine hiking booties. 


What camping trip would be complete without a visit to the lake for some swimming. While it is fun to romp around the lake, it is safer to ware your life jacket just in case you slip or find yourself deeper than desired. Paws Aboard offers neat color options for both boys and girls and will cost you around $30-$80 depending upon the size. Check out their website, www.pawsabord.com for a store dealer near you so that your pup can try it on before purchasing. 


In addition to the traditional, fun camping gear you may want to bring along a few leisurely amenities. Such as, a hammock (shown above in main picture), or your own Adirondack Chair complete with cushion and bowl and available seasonally at www.muttropolis.com. Or how about an outdoor lounger also available seasonally through www.fabuleash.com



Whatever your destination ultimately become, be sure to be safe and aware of you humans at all times for a happy and safe vacation.

Woof, Woof,


camping toys!

Find Fido some fun outdoor toys for your camping trip. Squeaker woodland animals available at The Pet Boutique $6.95 each +sh/tax. www.thepet-boutique.com


  1. SI, Inc. Researched & Written by: S.R.

Photographs taken from Google. 

Main Image from http://cutedogclothes.ning.com/photo/783014:Photo:8870  

Photographs- Promotional Purposes Only




Known as the Girls: Our philosophy is that your cherished pup is one special little fur-baby and will be cared for in an environment that embraces their uniquely little needs. This is why all of our pup participants are exclusively under 15 pounds. We are licensed and insured. Available weekdays, weekends and holiday; reservation required. Give us a call for your complimentary consultation: 425.750.4196 Sasha: Executive Director / C.O.O. Mercedes: V.P. / C.F.O. Haley: V.P. / Marketing Director Bridget: V.P. / Director of Canine Relations

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