Our Holiday Gift List …

Hi fur-babes!

We hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we hope the holidays bring you all the treats and toys you deserve. Here is a link list of our favorite finds for pups and pup-parents this holiday season.

Burlap Bone Stocking $35

Available at Etsy http://www.etsy.com/listing/162526290/post-christmas-only-dogpet-christmas?ref=exp_listing




Dog Card Holder $79 

Available at http://www.wisteria.com/Canine-Card-Holder/productinfo/W8120/

Screen shot 2013-12-02 at 2.33.51 PM


















Bark Box Monthly Subscription $19 for 6+ months  Small (Other sizes available) 

Available at https://barkbox.com/?agid=PresentsforDogs&gclid=CIH4gNv5j7sCFY-Vfgod5mUANw&keyword=presents+for+dogs&matchtype=b&utm_campaign=DogGiftBox&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google


Balloon Dog Ornament $10 each 

Available at http://balloondesignspictures.blogspot.com/2013/09/balloon-dog-ornament.html


Pet Signature Stamp $12-$29

Available at http://www.daybreakspet.com/


Happy Giving!

from: The Girls at http://www.thelittledogretreat.com

Ginger Banana Party Cake with Banana Mock-Choc Frosting














What to make this Halloween for your furry friend? Here is a recipe from our treat box to yours. Enjoy! 


Holiday Scents for the Stocking …



Give your pup good scents, cologne scents that is. These fun smells are designer knockoffs for your pampered pooch. Created to smell like the original with some minor alterations such as the name; CK9 instead of CK1 by Calvin Klien and Bono Sport by Woof Warren instead of Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren and more available at 4Paws on 5th Ave. for $10 each. They’ve been on the market for a few years, with a few new fragrances coming out every few years. Give one to your pup or as a fun novelty gift.  www.pawson5th.com  

Animal Balloons!


We love a new toy, especially a novelty toy! So when Bridget was given a cute, small, blue Animal Ballon Squeak Toy for her recent fur-day we knew instantly we needed to share it with our fur-baby world! 


Created by Charming Pet Products; the same folks who brought the canine world Henrietta the Squeak Chicken and the ‚ÄúI Love You‚ÄĚ talking Rose are back with these literally ‚Äėcharming‚Äô new faux-balloon toys.¬†


They come in four styles, Blue Dog, Yellow Horse, Pink Pig and Red Bull and will run you about $2 to $4 dollars depending upon the store. 



Woof, Woof, 

The Girls 


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Pooch Publications



If you are anything like us, we love to stay up to date on dog-related information, news, toys and tricks. So, this got us thinking … just how many pooch publications are there out there and just how do we access them? If you were thinking the same thing, then you‚Äôve come to right place to find them. We‚Äôve discovered not only local and national publications, but international, internet based, breed specific and activity specific, weekly, monthly and quarterly publications. Here is a comprehensive list for you and your fur-baby to enjoy.¬† ¬†



American Dog Рwww.theamericandogmag.com 

Animal House Magazine Рwww.animalhousemagazine.com 

Dog Fancy Рwww.bowtieinc.com 

Dog’s Life Рwww.dogslifemagazine.com 

Dog Sport Рwww.dogsportmagazine.com 

Gun Dog Рwww.gundogmag.com 

Low Country Dog Рwww.lowcountrydog.com 

Modern Dog Рwww.moderndogmagazine.com 

Mile High Dog Magazine Рwww.milehighdog.com 

New Barker Рwww.thenewbarker.com 

Nova Dogs Рwww.novadogmagazine.com 

PAWS Magazine Рwww.paws.org/magazine-archive.html 

Pet Publishing Рwww.petpublishing.com 

Tails – www.tailsinc.com

The Bark – www.thebark.com

The Whole Dog Journal Рwww.whole-dog-journal.com 



Bella Dog Magazine Рwww.belladogmagazine.com 

Dogs Рwww.dogsmonthly.co.uk 

Dog World Рwww.dogworld.co.uk 

K9 Magazine – www.dogmagazine.net

Our Dogs Рwww.ourdogs.co.uk 

Pet Worldwide Рwww.pet-global.com 

Pets Go Europe – www.petsgoeurope.com



Canada Рwww.dogsincanada.com 

Dogs USA Рwww.dogusa.com 

Great Britain Р/www.yourdog.co.uk 



Seattle Dog Magazine Рwww.seattledogmagazine.com 

City Dog Magazine  Рwww.citydogmagazine.com 

Seattle Leisure + Dog Рwww.seattleleisureanddogmagazine.com 



Animal Network Рwww.animalnetwork.com 

Bark Magazine – www.barkmagazine.com

Bluegrass Dog Рwww.bluegrassdogmagazine.com 

Bring Fido Рwww.bringfido.com 

Dog Channel Рwww.dogchannel.com 

Dogster Рwww.dogster.com 

Dog Tipper Рwww.dogtipper.com 

Fido Friendly – www.fidofriendly.com

Lucky Dog Рwww.luckydognews.com 

Pet Lovers Companion Рwww.petloverscompanion.com 

Pet Sugar Рwww.petsugar.com 

WagN Рwww.wagn4u.com 

Woof Report Рwww.woofreport.com 



Celebrity Pet Gossip Рwww.celebritypetgossip.com 

Cesar’s Way Рwww.cesarsway.com/magazine 



AKC Gazette Рhttp://www.akc.org/pubs/gazette/ 

Bichon Frise Reporter Рwww.bichonfrisereporter.com 

Chihuahua Connection Рwww.tazchi.com 

Doxie Digest Рwww.doxiedigest.com 

Havanese Breed Magazine Рwww.havanesebreed.com 

Italian Greyhound Рwww.italiangreyhoundproductions.com  

Papillon Magazine Рwww.papilonmagazine.com 

Poodle Variety Рwww.poodlevariety.com 

Pug Press – www.pugpress.com

Shih Tzu Reporter Рwww.shihtzureporter.com 

The Pom Reader Рwww.dmcg.com/pubs/pomreader 

The Yorkshire Terrier Magazine Рwww.yorkshire-terrier.com 


For more breed specific or canine related publications and magazines visit: 

Pet Station: http://www.petstation.com/dogpubs.html


For those with an early morning drive and not a lot of reading time available, check out these broadcast with tips, information, news and activities for pups. 



Dog Cast Radio Рwww.dogcastradio.com 

DogCatRadio Рwww.dogcatradio.com 

Dog Radio Рwww.welovepets.com/dogradio.html 

Dog Talk Рwww.traciehotchner.com/dt/ 

Lucky Dog Radio – www.luckydogradio.com
Pet Life Radio Рwww.markiac.addr.com/PET_LIFE_RADIO/PLR.html 



Happy Reading & Listening ! 

Woof, Woof,

The Girls 


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Heirloom Arf …



I love discovering new ways to love your pup! Recently, I found this super fun photography/graphic design company located on Etsy.com, which is a home-creation, crafty on-line retail source. What is it, you may be asking, well it is Hot Digital Dog art company and they create faux vintage portraits using a standard home photograph. 


Like all things novelty; I immediately fell in love with this concept and had to share it with my fur-baby friends. They can put your beloved pup, kitty, bird, bunny or hamster on a super fun vintage print. While your at it, let them create a custom family portrait with everyone in your household. You can also have custom portraits created if you want to get involved and send a picture of yourself as well.


The photographs will run you about $15 for a 5×7 individual portrait or $20 for an 8×10; plus shipping and tax. Contact them directly for a custom portraits quote.¬†


These would make a great fur-day or paw-liday gift for a friend or loved one, that you definitely can’t get just anywhere. All they need to get started is a clear photograph and they’ll digitally create your one-of-a-kind family heirloom. 


To find them for your own pup project search for Hot Digital Dog or click the convenient link located here: www.etsy.com/shop/HotDigitalDog


Love It! Have Fun! 

Woof, Woof, 

The Girls 


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Images from Etsy Home Site for Hot Digital Dog – Promotional Purposes Only

Canine Camping …

Well furry friends, the dog days of summer are nearly here and with all the warm weather we are sure to get thought we would help you plan a little 4-paw-friendly outing that you can share with your family. 


Let’s get started with a fun filled camping trip. Every good camper knows that bringing smart stuff along with you will make your experience more enjoyable. For us pups this can be a bewildering task. Luckily, we’ve located a few savvy back packs made just for us. First and foremost, when selecting a pack make sure it fits securing around your mid-section without rubbing, pulling or slipping off. You will also want to check for weight distribution. The pack should have equal space on either side of your tummy and your pup-parent should try to distribute items to make sure nether side is too heavy, this will prevent hip agitation during your walk or hike. Here are a few great place we found that offer back packs. 


REI РAdventure Dog Pack Medium $45 


Sports Authority – Ruff Ware Palisades Dog Pack $124.99


Altrec РRuff Ware Approach Dog Pack 


Pet Edge – Guardian Gear $19.99



Next on your camping trip you will need to set up a tent and no tent is complete without your very own sleeping bag. While the at home snuggle sack is great, the wilderness can get fairly cold at night so we found that the Alpine Sleepers offered a better softness to cold-chill defusing features as well as being water-repellent. We found a fun boy blue or camo print at Alpha Dog Toys, www.alphadogtoys.com for $26.99 and they are available in size small to large. 


Unfortunately, in all our searching we could not find a fun, feminine sleeping bag. We did, however discover a fun alternative. For the girly pups you can check out Amazon www.amazon.com and look for doll sleeping bags. They may not be pup-specific, but they are cute, soft and so much neater. Let’s face it, when you are a 3 pound Chihuahua you can really fit into anything.  

Find more tents at: 

Instent Dog Haus www.campist.com  $70

T-Camp Dog Tent www.scot-petshop.com $40

Dog House Tent – Cherry Design www.nexusgadgets.com $25


While you are enjoying your outdoor adventure remember to keep plenty of fresh water readily available to prevent dehydration. Also, check out our If The Shoe Fits Blog for details about canine hiking booties. 


What camping trip would be complete without a visit to the lake for some swimming. While it is fun to romp around the lake, it is safer to ware your life jacket just in case you slip or find yourself deeper than desired. Paws Aboard offers neat color options for both boys and girls and will cost you around $30-$80 depending upon the size. Check out their website, www.pawsabord.com for a store dealer near you so that your pup can try it on before purchasing. 


In addition to the traditional, fun camping gear you may want to bring along a few leisurely amenities. Such as, a hammock (shown above in main picture), or your own Adirondack Chair complete with cushion and bowl and available seasonally at www.muttropolis.com. Or how about an outdoor lounger also available seasonally through www.fabuleash.com. 



Whatever your destination ultimately become, be sure to be safe and aware of you humans at all times for a happy and safe vacation.

Woof, Woof,


camping toys!

Find Fido some fun outdoor toys for your camping trip. Squeaker woodland animals available at The Pet Boutique $6.95 each +sh/tax. www.thepet-boutique.com


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Photographs taken from Google. 

Main Image from http://cutedogclothes.ning.com/photo/783014:Photo:8870  

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